Sunday, May 22, 2011

Collage, 8" x 8"


  1. one of the best ever
    is placement, i.e., inside or outside, relevant to abstraction?
    I definitely think of this as an interior. but that could change I guess.

  2. Thank you to you both, very much.

    vc, was not thinking either interior or exterior when I made this. Now I am thanks to you! Ha. Well, once you see something, it can be hard to unsee it. But it can't be a crime to see suggestions of recognizable things in abstract pictures. Though it can be distracting sometimes, I suppose. But it can also be an unnameable evocation.

  3. What is that beautiful glittery on the top right corner? I loved this textural fusion Nomi.very nice!

  4. Huh, I answered you yesterday, Debu. I guess it didn't post somehow.

    First, thank you so much.

    And the glittery stuff is glitter, like the glitter kids use. Actually underneath is glitter glue, clear glue with glitter mixed in. Then I poured more glitter on top.

  5. Oh, god, I said "unnameable evocation." Fire me.

    I am half serious. Though, I don't think, vc, if you're reading this, that that use of "evocation" is what EAG was objecting to that time. No, it just sounds pompous....

    The real me is a pompous ass.