Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collage, 16" x 20"


  1. Your left field boundary keeps expanding.

    I had to know if these were life-size hands, thinking if yes, then they are yours. I held my scale ruler to the larger version on the screen. Unless your fingers are even shorter than mine (unlikely, mine are quite squat - 6.5" total hand), these are not your hands. I do not feel cheated in any way, though. Cool and odd one.

    I do not feel cheated in any way though, cool and odd one. (I had to give the alternative punctuation a go).

  2. Ha, they are definitely not my hands. They're from a display that held those plastic shampoo brushes that strap onto your hand. I saw it in a convenience store and had to have it. The guy was nice enough to give it to me even though there were still a few brushes on it, hooked onto the "hands".

    These hands are less than 5 inches tall, while mine are a regal 7 inches.

    (Thanks, Mary.)

  3. "Your left field boundary keeps expanding."

    Your mixed metaphor/wordsmithing keeps expanding as well.

  4. The key is a complete ignorance of the metaphor mixing, at least during the mixing. One can look back later and go "doh", but only with a smile.

  5. Have you seen the Picasso guitars exhibit @ MOMA yet? Just went this weekend & thought you would enjoy the collages. Also, the German Expressionists exhibit is fantastic, as well.

  6. Nomi
    An old English proverb
    “Many hands make light work”
    Welcome back from the dark side