Friday, January 16, 2009

Collage, 7" x 7"


  1. can a monochrome be Bonnard-esque?
    I guess it's not a monochrome. The longer I stare at the yellow, the more it burns and suggests an orangy interior.

  2. I would definitely say this could be Bonnard-esque.

  3. Oh dear. You're a trouble maker.

    Yay! Make lots and lots of trouble.

  4. i often start a painting with yellow, but i dont feel good about it. its the color that i seem to be drawn to for starts, or that draws me. yellow is hard to form. but so are all the colors. color is form. no formless color. of course there is no such thing as yellow, as anyone who has ever tried to buy paint knows. i like what yellow does to white.

  5. Isn't it funny, funny as in sort of horrifying, that we are sometimes repeatedly drawn to visual elements or arrangements, compelled to use them, when we don't actually want to or even like them?

    I like to tell myself, that this perversity is just another oddity along the road of getting from here to there. What are you going to do, anyway, if it keeps happening despite your best efforts? No choice but to give in and trust that you're not just making tripe. Try to anyway.

    Yellow, in art and in life is riveting to me. It is really hard to use -- what color isn't? -- and I think I often miss the mark. But I freakin love yellow.

    I can remember many battles with yellow in school, though. Like, damn, I need this effing painting to glow like the glass of milk in Notorious (is that right, where Hitchock put the light bulb in the sinister glass of milk Cary Grant's carrying down the stairs to make it glow from within?). And I'd add more yellow of some variety and more white and then some more yellow .. . .. and then trying to remember, oh yeah, it has to do with the colors around the colors. Somehow. Impossible.

  6. Oh man I don't like yellow, but I love using it in paintings. And I mean as a predominant color. Yellow and beige together. You can go somewhere with that.

  7. love your use of color in this piece.

    digging the blog. keep in touch.