Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Collage, 6" x 12"


  1. the lighter green auras around the cotton balls are playing with my eyes, having a wierd effect. are the cotton balls also green or is that reflection from the ground? I think eag may have commented on the eruption, the unruliness and disruption of the central collection, which I like too.
    and the stick-on stars (?) at the bottom made me think: can an artist go feral?
    that is, can you get an academic education and then become a folk artist? all this opens a messy can of worms as to how you want or don't want to be thougt of.
    My friend Matt Fisher who contributes to the Matthews the Younger blog calls himself "Self Taught since 2000" as a way of repudiating the academic mindset, which he found to be totally irrelevant when he moved to NY.

  2. I've really been enjoying your weblog. I found you via eageageag's blog via Joanne Mattera's blog.

    These latest collages of yours are delightful - very nice!

  3. vc - You didn't know I was raised by a pack of Pomerainians?

    I am not one who feels that formal training robbed me of more than it gave. Hardly. Tho, I recently rediscovered a self-portrait I did before I "knew" how to paint. It's stunning in a way that I could never pull off now. (I'm allowed to say that about 20+ year-old work done by a former self?). But a fluke in essence, as the many other paintings I did while trying in isolation to teach myself to paint are transparent efforts to make what I thought a painting should look like.

    Nevertheless, who does not want to experience the thrill of raw innocent expression? Don't you just die when you look at childrens' art? (Tho, of course, they do not "experience" innocence. Catch 22 . . . . )

    I like the feeling of I can do whatever I want with these collages, a kind of freedom that I rarely feel with painting. But I can hardly say that they are not just as, if not more self-conscious.

    Oh, the cotton balls (acrylic balls, I'm afraid) are actually a bright white.

    mary-klein -- Thank you so much. Also, good hard evidence that people who are not me read eag's blog. He often thinks that no one looks at it.

  4. one of the worst things you can do is to make what you think a painting should look like, but one of the hardest things to avoid, for me at least.