Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Collage, 4" x 4"


  1. Aw, this is great. How sparkly is it irl? It reads as if it's a sandstone texture, with jsut a bit of sparkle. I'd like this either way though, all glitter surface or non-glitter. We need a video of this one, I'm thinking similar to your cough syrup spot, where you hold it up and angle it back and forth. Just a thought.

  2. "Just a thought." Ha.

    It's pretty much all glitter, actually. But, yes, it's really true that from any individual completely still angle you cannot see all the glitter (reflection) at once. Yikes. If you've read my scaredy cat comments about making three dimensional things, you'll know how uncomfortable I am with anything that has sides, that looks different from different angles. Yes, yes, of course, many of these pieces are very unflat. BUT still I conceive of them head on. Always.

    Interesting. I'm tempted to agree that still photos of pieces like this are particularly inadequate. But I'm not sure if that's really true, more true, that is, than the inherent problems of a frozen two dimensional image of anything -- all real life things being three dimensional and always, when looked at by a person with two eyes, seen in depth and at least some amount of movement, even if only because we are breathing.

  3. I'm interested in seeing video for that ambient breathing motion, still as a fully 2-d piece (I know, I said with you flipping it back and forth, but I didn't mean that).

    These last three are such an amazing sequence.

  4. "These last three are such an amazing sequence."

    Thank you; I did think of the last two in sequence, but not the previous one, not consciously. Interesting.

    So you don't think I should Home Shopping Channel it in the video?