Saturday, January 23, 2010

Collage, 4" x 4"


  1. This photo is not actually out of focus, for what it's worth; my sensor just hates red. I'll try to get a better shot. But I thought I'd post this for now.

  2. Update: Can't get a better shot. This is it.

  3. I feel like this one might be more about, and not possible without, previous phases of your work with the daubs (pon pons). And maybe that's been mostly true all along and I see it only in this one. But I would not appreciate this probably if I hadn't being seeing each piece, week in and week out.
    Also, the cooler colors peeking out seem to make mention of those previous works - however buried and marginalized that mention is.
    Too literal?

    Anyway, I like it a lot -- in spite of it not reminding me of food, huddled masses, etc. I guess it's the first one I like in a purely non-associational way. You know, like a grown-up, maybe?

  4. John, John, you've become a man!

    Seriously, thanks. This is interesting.

  5. May I just post a giggle?