Thursday, October 22, 2009

Collage, 4" x 4"


  1. There seems to be multiple layers of visual logic an content, all congregating into one cohesive unit. This is one complex little painting.

    In exhibition, I think these could handle an audacious amount of space around them.

  2. yes, evidently the bundops have flown South for the winter.

  3. Carla -- Huh. I've somehow never imagined hanging them with a lot of space around them. Odd. I guess it's because in the studio I have them stacked, touching each other, and I've gotten so used to seeing them that way, in their little groups, -- The Reds, The Pinks, The Orange/Golds, The Yellows, The Blues, The Greens, The Silvery/White/Greys, The Misfits, The Deviants. Well, no, actually the misfits and deviants are mixed in among the regular population. They can't be too close to each other . . . But space could be good . . . Strange, now that I'm thinking about it, it seems like either very little space, or a lot of space. Or, better yet, some genius other person figures it all out. At this mythical exhibition at which all my needs are met and all my fears are quelled.

    Anon -- No bundops have flown South! My bundops brave the harshest winters. I resent the implication. Frankly.