Thursday, August 6, 2009

Collage, 3-1/2' x 4"

Collage, 6-1/2" x 4"


  1. You seem to be simultaneously refining and amplifying these. That defies art physics!!

  2. the red one rocks-could have been in High Times Hard Times. I just noticed the stars. Nice asymmetry and fascinating scale shifts.

  3. Carla, don't know exactly what you mean, but it sounds pretty good.

    Vic, thank you. I also don't totally know what you mean about High Times Hard Times -- there were pieces like this in that show? -- but I do know what "the red one rocks" means. Ha.

  4. not like this, but something of the spirit.
    as to refining and amplifying and defying physics, my guess would be that refinement usually suggests a scaling down and an avoidance of the massive, the grand, the assertive.

    Carla, feel free to correct me -just thought i'd wag my tongue a bit.

  5. Yes, I think Carla should come back and explain herself . . .

    Defying art physics makes me laugh.

  6. Yes, what vc said. You seem to be honing down into an intimate mastery of these materials, but also exploring with an exuberant grandness.